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Nouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vague, Quai Henri IV, Paris, 75004
Prices from : €641,000
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Number of bedrooms : 1 +
Features :
  • Exceptionally rare new development
  • Selection of studio, 1,2,3 and 4 bed properties
  • Highly sought after location
  • Located between Notre Dame, Ile Saint Louis and the Place de la Bastille
  • Sleek architecture and highest quality materials
  • Eco- freindly desgin
  • Landscaped communal gardens
  • Every apartment is 'one of a kind'
Details :


This new 5* residence offers an exceptional location in the 4th arrondissement, along the shores of the River Seine, located between Notre Dame, Ile Saint Louis and the Place de la Bastille, a few minute walk from the famous "Marais" district. The development offers amazing views over the Seine river banks, the Eiffel tower, Le Pantheon and Notre Dame.

Nouvelle Vague offers the benefits of an exceptional geographic location along the shores of the Seine River, in the heart of Paris’ 4th arrondissement. Until the 19th century, the land on which the development is being built was in fact Louviers Island, separated from the right bank by a branch of the river which has now been filled up and dubbed Morland Boulevard. Inspired by the adjacent water, the building flaunts a refreshingly original free-flowing shape that complements the surroundings and creates a hospitable relationship with the neighbouring structures and landscapes. The composition of its quarters, gardens and squares, provided the matrix for the architects to determine just the right volumes and proportions for the building.

Thanks to its sleek architecture, transparency and depth, Nouvelle Vaguefits perfectly into its environment – one of the most beautiful locations in all of Paris. Its extraordinary volumes stretch out along Quai Henri IV in a curvy geometric reflection of the current, affirming its avant-garde style and personality. Punctuated by billowy balconies,the façades provide lavish seating to relax and enjoy the glorious view of the constantly changing scenery. A child care centre on the ground floor also benefits from this calm, protected atmosphere. The rental units encircle a central island while the overall Nouvelle Vague development stretches out along the river bank, inviting residents to discover creative new approaches to city living.

Like an abstract sculpture, Nouvelle Vague, designed by the LIN Urban Planning & Architecture firm, will soon be an integral part of the remarkable show that animates the Seine day and night. Right at Henri IV harbour, located at the mouth of the Arsenal canal, Nouvelle Vague will provide a breath of fresh air, a burst of modernity to balance the pastoral atmosphere on Île Saint-Louis.

Intimately linked to the Seine, Nouvelle Vague constantly offers clear views of its surroundings in every direction.The glass unfurls like see-through sails along the sides of the building letting the sun fill every inch of space, blurring the distinction between indoors and out, making the façade virtually invisible. The broad picture windows slide along sturdy frames or open like French doors in a consistent rhythm that highlights the sleek lines of the balcony edges. All the apartments open on to continuous balconies that extend the opportunities to contemplate the peaceful river below while stepping back from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In order to meet the requirements set forth by the “Plan Climat Paris” (Paris Climate Protection Plan), Nouvelle Vague combines several eco-friendly solutions. Solar panels have been installed in the terrace roofs to heat the building’s water supplies. All the apartments are equipped with the state-of-the-art CPCU “Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain”, urban heating system which is bothenvironmentally friendly  and energy efficient. The circulation of air is facilitated by the depth of the rooms and the dual flow ventilation of the Seine side units. The high performance thermal and acoustic insulation of the façades ensures greater comfort and savings for residents year round.

In addition to the highly sought after riverside location, Nouvelle Vague cultivates natural beauty within the confines of the residence with three lovely gardens designed by Bassinet Turquin Landscape Artists. Such exceptionally vast green spaces in the very heart of Paris are rare indeed. The expansive courtyard dappled with trees and a wide array of carefully selected aromatic plants provides an enjoyable stroll for residents looking to reach Boulevard Morland and the nearby Bastille and Marais districts on foot.

Organised around the star of the show: natural light, and nestled amidst a peaceful landscape, Nouvelle Vague’s irregular volumes and curvy lines offer a rich array of geometric shapes that allow each and every apartment to be a genuine ‘one of a kind’. The ground plan shows how the wavy façade mirrors the Seine and the inner curve wraps around the courtyard. The block of flats is clearly detached from the side buildings, allowing multiple sources of light to filter through and refreshing balconies to open up every angle.

The reception areas provide an innovative way to entertain guests and can be organised according to each resident’s preferences. Natural lighting is the best guide for deciding how and where to allocate designated areas within any dwelling, which is no longer measured in mere square metres but in terms of the overall space. So, for example, the kitchen could open onto the living room for greater social interaction or closed off to isolate cooking noises and odours, or even just separated by intelligent divider screens to make the most of the natural lighting.

An open kitchen, a living room or a home cinema? The same area can take on many different looks and uses thanks to the optional PRIVA-LITE® partitions.Opaque or transparent at the flick of a switch, this innovative divider allows you to change your layout in no time flat. When the sun goes down, you can even transform your kitchen into a theatre and watch a picture show on the glass screen.

The day to day is easy here thanks to the nearby access to public transportation and main thoroughfares, prestigious high schools and famous Latin Quarter universities. All the neighbouring quarters sizzle with life, day and night, all week long. There is a huge choice of things to do right on the doorstep including: Visiting the Marais or the Latin Quarter, Jardin des Plantes, filling up on fresh food at the Boulevard Richard Lenoir market, visiting the quaint shops on Rue Saint-Antoine, hoisting the anchor at the Arsenal harbour, visiting Notre-Dame cathedral, savouring a meal at a Rue de la Roquette restaurant, catching a movie at the cinema or a modern opera at the Bastille.

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